Domestic Sewage Treatment

  • Minimal annual maintenance
  • Kind to the environment
  • Minimum visual impact
  • Long emptying cycle
  • No smells
  • ATAC Solutions are Klargester approved installers
  • Fully trained and experienced personnel
  • South-East including Kent, Essex, Sussex, London, Surrey and Hampshire

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Popular Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant Brands

If you need a sewage treatment plant for a domestic setting you have two main brands to choose from, Klargester and WPL. We can supply and install sewage treatment plants from both brands and advise as to which would be most suitable for your needs.

Upgrade Septic Tank Before 2020

Due to governmental regulations, from the 1st of January 2020 (or before if you are selling your home) it will be illegal to discharge the contents of septic tanks to a water course, i.e. river or stream. All septic tanks that do discharge to a water course will have to be upgraded in one of the following ways:

  • Connect the septic tank to the mains sewer (not an option for most)
  • Install a drainage field (access to suitable land is needed)
  • Replace the septic tank with a sewage treatment plant

Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant Applications

A domestic sewage treatment plant is useful to those who do not have access to mains drainage and are unable to install a septic tank due to regulations but are able to discharge to a soakaway.

BioDisc Sewage Treatment Plant

Klargester’s offer is the BioDisc Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant and claims the following benefits:

  • No noise, no odours
  • Suitable for homes with up to 18 people
  • 1 year warranty
  • Low profile covers for minimal visual impact
  • Control panel issues an immediate alert when a problem occurs
  • Single phase standard power supply
  • Optional integral pump available
  • Certified to European Standard EN12566-3
  • Effluent qualities of 10mg/BOD, 15mg/l SS and 3.8mg/l ammonia (in normal domestic situations)

WPL’s Diamond DMS

WPL’s offer is the WPL Diamond DMS package and has the below characteristics:

  • Suitable for homes of up to 20 people
  • No odours
  • 25 years warranty *
  • Meets consent standards of 20mg/l BOD; 30mg/l SS; 20mg/l NH4 as a minimum
  • Certified to European standard BS EN12566-3 2014
  • No need for chemicals
  • Emptying cycle of up to three years
  • No internal electrical or mechanical moving parts, requiring minimal annual maintenance
  • *Subject to correct installation, consistent influent conditions and regular plant maintenance as per the manufacturers’ instructions.

Klargester Approved

ATAC Solutions are Klargester approved installers and we have a great deal of experience installing WPL sewage treatment plants as well. We can offer guidance on selecting the most suitable system for your requirements and provide you with a FREE quotation for installation.


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