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Grease Trap Emptying

Grease Trap Emptying

ATAC Solutions have teams fully equipped to collect and dispose of cooking oils and grease accumulated in grease traps.

Commercial kitchens, catering companies and food processing plants depend on grease traps to prevent fats and grease waste from entering and causing blockages within their drainage systems and contaminating sewage treatment plants and pumping stations.

ATAC Solutions can clean your grease traps and pump away all the grime to leave your drainage system clear so the water can flow freely again. Ensuring your drains and grease traps are kept clear will reduce bad smells and the chances of blockages in the future. We would always recommend regular drain maintenance, whatever the drain issues we can help you here at ATAC Solutions.

Grease from kitchens and can build-up very quickly and become very difficult to dispose of. Our professionals are skilled at cleaning grease traps and disposing of grease in a safe and cost-effective way.

We will make sure that your grease trap or interceptor stops grease and food solids from entering the sewer system where fats can congeal causing fatbergs which can block drains and sewers!

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