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Pond and Lagoon Draining

Pond and Lagoon Draining

Watercourses dredging, desilting and maintenance promote a healthy eco-system.

Sediment and silt naturally builds up on a daily basis within any pond, lake, or commercial lagoons. This build-up of material can result in a number of issues including; restriction of flood water draining from the surrounding land and urban areas and finally harm to the environment and wildlife. Furthermore, nutrients in silt cause weeds to grow and starve the water of oxygen. It can also be a health hazard, leading to blue green algae and other contaminants.

ATAC Solutions offer a wide range of dredging and desilting and pond/lagoon maintenance services owners of private homes, stately homes, golf courses, fisheries and industrial sites across the country who want to keep their grounds presentable and a haven for local wildlife.

We have a fleet of vehicles, pumps and excavators to remove the organic matter and debris then transport it for treatment or organic waste recycling.

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