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Septic Tanks and Cess Pits

Septic Tanks and Cess Pit Emptying

ATAC teams are available throughout the year.

ATAC Solutions provide high end expert services in cesspit & septic tank waste removal. Our expertise and experience cover domestic, commercial and industrial customers throughout the South-East and London. Should you require emergency septic tank emptying we operate a 24/7 emergency response and can get a vacuum tanker to you fast and efficiently. Regular waste removal for your septic tank or cess pit is very important to ensure disasters do not happen!

Cess pit

A cesspit is a sealed tank having no outlet and used for the storage of sewage. The cesspool must be emptied regularly.

Septic Tank

A Septic Tank is a settlement chamber, which provides treatment to sewage and drainage waters. Overflow from the tank goes to a soakaway or drainage field. Householders operating them are responsible for the operation, maintenance and occasional emptying of the chamber.

It is important to monitor the cesspit as it does not treat or discharge the waste unlike a sewage treatment plant or pumping station. Our rates are zero VAT if you are a domestic customer ATAC Solutions have a fleet of specialist vacuum and combination tankers that will meet the needs you require. We can arrange high pressure water jetting to clean your cesspit and ensure the condition is in working order. We remove the following waste; sewage, grease trap, pond draining, gullies and more.

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