DAB is an Italian manufacturer of high-quality motor-driven water pumps. With over 35 years of experience, DAB has become one of the world leaders in its field. DAB produces more than 2 million water-driven pumps each year, offering a vast line of reliable products capable of meeting the most specific requirements. Not only do DAB sell finished products, but they also offer custom solutions developed specifically to their clients' needs.

DAB was founded in the Venetian region of Italy in 1975. The company's values have always encompassed a blend of tradition and innovation, focusing on research, expertise and creativity as tools for growth. Viewing water as the most valuable resource, DAB continuously seek to discover and improve cutting-edge ways to engage with this resource. DAB is currently investing in new ambitious projects involving research, the multinationalization of the company and developing the skills of its employees. DAB prides itself on the strong interpersonal relations within the company, attributing its competitive products to the enthusiasm of its workforce.

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