Grundfos Circulators

Grundfos circulators are specifically designed for heating and cooling systems. The wet rotor design ensures quiet maintenance free operation. Our 3-Speed models allow you the ability to adjust the pump speed to fit your specific application. Applications: Specifically designed for heating and cooling in residential and commercial applications.

ALPHA2 Series - Designed for circulating liquids in heating systems. Pumps with stainless steel pump housings can also be used in domestic hot-water systems. Suitable for systems with constant or varying flows where it is desirable to optimise the pump duty point, systems with a varying flow-pipe temperatures, systems where night setback is required.

Magna 1 - Magna1 range of circulators comes complete with electronically controlled motors that are based on permanent magnet (PM) and stator technology. They are designed for circulating liquids in a wide range of light commercial and commercial applications. These include heating systems, air conditioning and cooling systems, domestic hot water systems and solar heating systems too.
Magna 1 D - Twin head version of the Magna1 range.

Magna 3 D - Magna3 pumps are a range of twin head, With the Magna3, you do not have to worry about which pump setting to choose. Simply install the pump and leave it on the factory auto adapt setting.
Magna 3 FN -  Magna3 with flange connections. The Magna3 also features a facility to limit maximum flow removing the need to use a balancing valve on the main flow and return pipe. The Magna 3 is the most efficient circulator available.  

UPS2 15-15/60 Circulator - The UPS2 is the ideal replacement for UPS 15-50 and 15-60s in domestic heating systems, it comes complete with modern motor technology and electronic control which enables it to exceed new EuP/ErP standards.  It is also available as a complete pump or as a pump head only.