Lowara specialises in the manufacture of stainless steel pumps for many applications in residential, irrigation, building service and commercial domains. Lowara develops innovative systems to cater to the demands of water and chemical processing, utilising top class materials to achieve product excellence and optimum performance.

Lowara is one of the brands established by Xylem, an American company which provides water technology to over 150 countries. The company has accumulated a lot of expertise in the development of its brands, with a history of innovations including the world’s first all-metal pump, primary-secondary pumping technology and the first electronically commutated spherical motor pump. Today, Xylem has more than 12000 employees worldwide, who work to tackle global challenges in water infrastructure and ensure the satisfaction of all their customers. A prominent example of Xylem brands’ success has been the use of Lowara pumps during the World Ice Hockey Championships in 2010. The power and reliability of Lowara pumps was used to cool water and ensure the uniform distribution of chilling fluid, guaranteeing high quality ice for the important sports event.

Lowara has become a world leader in stainless steel pump manufacturing technology. The brand guarantees high quality, reliable and cost-effective pumping systems which maximize efficiency and satisfy customer’s needs.