Wilo Borehole Pumps

Wilo TWI and TWU  Borehole/ Well  Pumps  are  submersible multistage centrifugal electric pumps in Stainless Steel. Wilo Borehole Pumps can be used for vertical or horizontal installation.

Every Wilo Borehole Pump has an integrated non-return valve. All parts in contact with the fluid are made of corrosion-free materials.

Motor is corrosion-free single-phase or three-phase for direct starting.

These Borehole Pumps are suitable for the following applications:

  • For water and potable water supply from boreholes and rainwater storage
  • Process water supply
  • For municipal water supply, sprinkling and irrigation
  • Pressure boosting
  • Lowering the water level
  • For pumping water in industrial applications
  • For pumping water without long-fibre and abrasive constituents