Secoh JDK-80 Linear Diaphragm Air Pump

Secoh JDK-80 Linear Diaphragm Air Pump

Secoh JDK-60 Linear Diaphragm Air Pump

Brand New Pump, similar in output to the standard EL60 pump, but using significantly less power.
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JDK-60 Secoh Pump

Over time this range of pumps will undoubtedly save you money on their lower running costs (uses 40 watts compared with the standard EL60 using 48 watts)

JDK Series Product Description, Features/Benefits

The JDK Series offers the end user a financial gain through reduced power consumption (up to 30%) which makes the JDK-Series the most power efficient blowers on the market. The new auto-stopper design overcomes application issues ”like offset magnets” through its ability to help guide the magnet, maintaining a central position, even when the diaphragms become fatigued through over pressurisation, or when changing diaphragms.

JDK-60 Features

  • Compact and Lightweight (Small, light, low vibration design) 
  • High Durability (New design construction, less temperature rise, longer cycle life)
  • Energy Saving (Low power consumption up to 30%)
  • New Auto-stopper design (Prevents magnet offset)
  • Uniform spare parts (Modular design means the JDK-Series use the same parts)
  • No need for grounding (plastic version)
  • Easy maintenance (No magnet spacers necessary when changing diaphragms)
  • Designed for European Application Pressure (200-250mbar)
  • Service light (Complies with EN12566)
  • Signal cable option

JDK-60 Maintenance

  • New auto-stopper design (Standard protection for the diaphragms)
  • Additional protection against magnet offset (Auto-Stopper acts as a magnet guide to prevent offset)
  • Easy to reset (No magnet spacers needed when replacing diaphragms)
  • Modular spare parts (Common service parts for JDK-Series)


Compact and lightweight, high durability, energy saving power consumption, new auto-stopper design, ease of maintenance and uniform spare parts, designed for European application pressures (200-250mbar), all help the SECOH JDK-60 to meet the demands of package treatment plant applications.

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