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Domestic Sewage Treatment

WPL Diamond

We offer a sewage treatment solution for properties which have no access to mains drainage, from 1 up to 55 people population equivalent.

Atac Solutions are proud to be one of Klargester's approved installers.


Minimal maintenance, low running cost
Unlike other sewage treatment plants on the market, the Diamond’s unique design has no internal moving parts. This means that it requires minimal annual maintenance, making it economical to run.


Kind to the environment
The Diamond’s treatment process requires no chemicals, so it’s kind to the environment.

Minimal visual impact
The Diamond’s tank is buried entirely underground, so it has minimal visual impact.

No smells
Most other treatment plants have primary tanks which store settled solids and can emit odours. The Diamond has no primary tank and is therefore odour-free.

Long emptying cycle
The Diamond’s continuous bacterial digestion treats wastewater to a standard that meets all the normal Environment Agency consents. The DMC range can achieve a de-sludge (emptying) period of up 12 months — much longer than that of most other plants.


Stress free installation and maintenance
We offer professional installation and maintenance service of the WPL diamond units.

WPL Diamond

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