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Flovac Deployable Vacuum System

Flovac Deployable Vacuum System is a containerised vacuum and collection system and is a very simple and cost effective way of collecting liquid waste from a number of outlet points to a central vessel, from where the waste can be pumped to a discharge point or to downstream treatment.

C_VACS containerised system

The portable pumping station includes the collection tank, vacuum pumps and the control panel. All mounted inside a standard 20′ ISO container.

Operation principle

atacsolutions.comThe inlet pipes are always kept under vacuum; they end with a collection pit featuring a water-level operated valve which opens when the chamber fills up. Vacuum generated by the pumping station then transports the contents to the collection chamber inside the container. Any number of collection pits can be used, and these are positioned at each discharge point.

Collection pit demonstration

Key components

1Pumping system
2Influent pipes
3Collection pit & water-level valve
4Discharge points
5Transportable 20′ ISO container

Key Benefits

  • All housed in a standard 20’ ISO container
  • Plug and Play for rapid start up
  • No need to have multiple pumping stations
  • Very reliable and simple to operate
  • Inlet pipelines are almost impossible to block as under high vacuum
  • Energy Savings
  • Service and Maintenance savings
  • Range from 100 to 10,000 persons

Commissioning, Service and Maintenance.

We can commission the system for you, and also offer a comprehensive service and maintenance package for complete peace of mind.
For more information visit our Hire Equipment and Service and Maintenance pages.


  • Military Camps
  • Construction Camps
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Music Festivals
  • Camp Sites
  • Emergency disaster relief

System installed on a Ministry of Defence site

Containerised Vacuum and Collection systems atacsolutions.com Military camp

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