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Flovac Vacuum Collection Systems

Flovac systems are used for sewage collection, they transfer wastewater from properties to treatment plants using vacuum. ATAC Solutions work with Flovac to design, supply, install and operate these environmentally friendly systems.

Operation principle

Sewage flows by gravity from homes into a collection chamber. When 40 litres accumulates in the sump, the vacuum interface valve located above the sump automatically opens and differential air pressure propels the sewage through the valve and into the vacuum main.Sewage flows through the vacuum lines and into the collection tank at the vacuum station. Sewage pumps transfer the sewage from the collection tank to the wastewater treatment facility or nearby gravity manhole. There are no electrical connections required at the home. Power is necessary only at the vacuum station.

Collection chambers can be made out of a variety of materials, most commonly, concrete, PE, Fiberglass, or even stainless steel. ATAC will supply a pit fully fitted-out to meet local conditions.

Pump station

Vacuum pumps typically run 2 to 3 hours each per day depending on the design approach and don’t need to run continuously since the vacuum interface valves are normally closed. As sewage enters the system, driven by air at atmospheric pressure, the system vacuum will slowly decrease from −70kPa to −50kPa. The vacuum pumps are sized to increase the system vacuum from −50kPa to −70kPa in three minutes or so. The two non-clog sewage pumps are each sized for peak flow. Energy consumption can be calculated at the design phase for a particular project.

The collection tank is usually mild steel or stainless steel and is sized according to flow with typical sizes ranging from 3.8 to 15 cubic meters. The incoming vacuum lines connect individually to the collection tank, effectively dividing the system into zones.

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