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Flow Screens

Water screens are used to capture any solid objects and debris carried by the flow. ATAC screening systems are used in the removal of small debris from water or wastewater. The systems can be newly built or used with existing equipment.

Flow Screen

Key Benefits

  • Cost effective
  • No moving parts
  • Stainless Steel noseboxes & handles
  • Simple and rapid installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Can also be retrofitted into existing SAC frames with our conversion plate

The disposable mesh sacks are made from woven polypropylene with a choice of mesh openings to suit your application (see selection chart on the right).
Each ATAC SAC unit will handle flows up to 14l/sec; we have standard designs for multiple units for higher flow applications.

Optional extras

  • Lifting davits
  • Walkways
  • Wheelie bins

We offer free ATAC SAC CAD layouts and design advice and free ATAC SAC installation and commissioning service. Please phone for details.

Mesh opening 1 mm2 3 mm2 5 mm2 10 mm2
Final Effluent    
Primary Settled Effluent      
Storm Tank Discharges      
Storm Overflows    
Emergency Overflows    


The Atac SAC is a new and improved static screening device for the removal of small debris in wastewater.
With our new design, SAC screening has never been this efficient! We provide a one stop shop for your requirements, be they new installations, refurbishments, or just the provision of spares and consumables.

ATAC SAC is very cost effective and durable thanks to stainless steel construction and no moving parts. The screens are easy to replace thanks to the removable panel construction. They can be retrofitted into existing SAC frames using a conversion plate.

Its uses include
  • Sprinkler nozzle protection on trickling filters
  • Biological treatment inlets
  • Final effluent screening
  • Combined storm overflow screening
  • Emergency storm overflows


ATAC SAC replacement


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