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Membrane Bioreactors

MicroClear ModuleMicroClear Membrane bioreactors (MBR) have a modular design based on a standard filter element allowing for simple servicing and hassle-free replacement.

Membrane bioreactors (MBR) are designed with internally arranged membranes (primarily in small, decentralised systems) or with externally positioned filter elements (for larger systems).

MicroClear® technology
The exceptional aspect of the MicroClear® filter — its minute pores (< 0.05 μm) represent a true barrier that blocks all known germs. The water output quality exceed requirements of the EU bathing water guideline and also the DIN 19650 requirements for class 2 irrigation water.
MicroClear Membrane

MicroClear membrane stops bacteria, viruses and suspended solids.

The filter element consists of panels with the membrane laser-welded on the either side. Laser welding ensures the surface is not punctured during assembly.
Each plate has many filtrate exits allowing for an even pressure distribution. The filtering process can be actuated by effluent extraction, or gravity and requires negative pressure of only 0.1 bar.

Self-cleaning without chemicals
Self Cleaning
Optimised aeration produces a cleansing effect on filter plates. This simultaneously ensures oxygen content in the activated sludge of the membrane bio-reactor. This efficient method of self-cleaning reduces the need for chemical cleaning to an absolute minimum.

Safe discharge levels
The MicroClear® filter is convincing because of its outstanding discharge values that are even far below
those mandated by stringent statutory reuse regulations
(e.g. DIN 19650).

Parameter Unit Layout Guarantee
BOD5 mg/l < 5 < 1
BOD5 mg/l < 5  
COD mg/l < 50  
TSS mg/l < 1 < 1
TKN mg/l < 1  
Turbidity NTU < 5 < 1
pH value   6.5 ... 8  
E-Coli x/100mL < 1 < 1
Virus retention % 99,9999 99,99

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Internal setup

Key benefits:

  • Smallest investment

  • Simple system structure

  • Gravity or filtrate extraction operation

Internal MBR setup

External setup

Key benefits:

  • Simple cleaning

  • Filter removal for cleaning is not necessary

  • Flexible arrangement in any number of tanks

External MicroClear MBR setup

Hygienic safety


We use only quality membranes whose retention rates and mechanical characteristics are documented thoroughly. Only in this manner are we able to trap not only bacteria but even 99.9999% of viruses (measurement assessed with 20 nm bacteriophage). The resulting service water not only exceeds the limit values set by the EU bathing water guideline but can also be used in compliance with DIN 19650 for watering public areas, such as parks and


The Aquacell system with MicroClear® Ultrafiltration technology has been tested by the Test Institute for Waste Water Engineering and has passed the tests for EN 12566-3 with excellent results.


Traditional vs MicroClear

Traditional MBR vs MicroClear

MembranesTrue backflush capability

The constant spacing between filter plates and their absolute evenness ensure a precisely distributed flow and cleaning.

Installation and Maintenance

ATAC Solutions is an exclusive supplier for Weise Membranes in the UK. We offer a complete installation and maintenance service, for quotes and more information please call 
+44 (0)1622 882400.

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