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Submerged Aerated Filters

Submerged Aerated Filters

SAF treatment systems are suitable for municipal applications of 100 persons or more as well as industrial applications like food processing.

ATAC SAF is a scalable modular treatment system available for Capital Purchase or Hire and can be supplied with all the required ancillary equipment such as walkways, pumps, hoses, remote monitoring etc.


Office Buildings
Portable home sites
Food waste

Utilizing a simple yet clever design, the SAF has few moving parts, requires very little maintenance, and is easy to operate. SAFs require no regular operator attendance, and can be used to treat domestic and industrial waste water. Atac SAF can be used to accommodate 100 — 3000 persons. For under 100 persons visit our domestic section.

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SAF Installation

Our SAF uses natural biomass contained in waste water. It takes a few days for the biomass to populate when the new system is installed and the effluent reaches the optimum quality within a week’s period.


* Sampling chamber is available as an extra feature

SAF process

ATAC Solutions Limited is expanding its portfolio of wastewater treatment equipment with the addition of a range of Submerged Air Filtration (SAF) systems. Designed to treat wastewater from communities, factories, hotels and other small to medium wastewater producers, the ATAC SAF fits well with ATAC Solutions’ range of sludge dewatering equipment.

The SAF covers applications for PE’s of between 50 and 3000 and can be duplicated to accommodate larger capacity requirements.

The SAF can be manufactured in a wide range of configurations and materials, both above and below ground formats can be accommodated, mainly manufactured in stainless steel for longevity, a budget range of GRP system is also available.

The SAF process is based on individual cells which are arranged in series and through which the wastewater flows. Each cell contains a rigid block media on which biomass forms, and a fine bubble diffuser system feeds oxygen from blowers in the control kiosk to promote the growth of the biomass. Wastewater passes through the biomass which feeds on the BOD and the clean effluent exits at the surface of the final cell.

The plant is designed for robustness, reliability and minimal operator involvement. Each installation fitted with an integral lamella settling zone and auto desludging for trouble free operation. There are no moving parts in the tank, the diffusers have a design life of 15 years and key parts of the plant have built-in redundancy. Air control valves are sited near access hatches for ease of access for accurate process trimming— which facilitates optimum performance.

The control system can be supplied to any customer’s specification and the kiosk is thermostatically controlled for reliability.

Typical effluent quality after treatment up to 30mg/l TSS, 20mg/l BOD and 10mg/l Nitrogen as Ammonia, or better, with results verified by the Environment Agency.


Applications include:

  • Stand-alone for biological treatment
  • Emergency cover
  • To supplement or replace an existing system,
  • As part of a complete sewage treatment works.


ATAC Solutions are offering the SAF for both sale — up to 3000PE and hire — up to 800PE.

Key benefits

  • Simple to operate
  • Robust in performance
  • No moving parts or machinery in the treatment tank
  • Very Small Footprint
  • Will treat wastewater to a standard*of 30mg/l SS, 10mg/l BOD, 5mg/l Amm N

* after final settlement ** even higher quality achieved with ATAC tertiary treatment modules added.

ATAC Solutions SAF


Emergency hire units also available

We can commission the system for you, and also offer a comprehensive service and maintenance package for complete peace of mind.

  • For use during refurbishment of biological filters or breakdown repairs
  • We deliver by Hiab lorry for easy offloading
  • Installation and Commissioning service

Visit our Hire Equipment page for more details.


ATAC SAF can be installed above and below ground

Above and below ground installation of SAF


SAF control kiosks are thermostatically controlled for reliabilitySAF control kiosks

New SAF system installed at a site in Chesterford

Chesterford SAF

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