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Engine Driven Pumps

Engine driven pumps are used when there is no source of electricity available to power the pump’s motor, or in cases where the mobility of the pump is a concern. They are commonly found on construction sites and remote areas, where their portable nature is advantageous. The pumps are also popular in the domain of agriculture, where they can be mounted on tractors and used to irrigate crops or transported to large fields where de-watering is required. The portable nature of engine driven pumps also makes them suitable for use in cleaning boats and jetting-in pilings during marine construction jobs.

Engine driven pumps harness their power from a portable running engine, which often uses diesel or petrol as a fuel. There is a big variety of pumps which are individually adapted to operate with specific fluids, powers and pressures. For instance, some pumps are lightweight and designed to work with water, while others are more durable and able to pump heavy mud and sludge. In cases where the pumped liquid may contain aggressive chemicals, such as agricultural chemicals or sea water, it is important to select a pump which will not corrode under these conditions. Some engine driven pumps are constructed from materials such as glass reinforced polyester, stainless steel and EPDM rubber components, which are specially-designed to resist chemical wear.

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