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Fountains & Fountain Pumps

Fountain sets are often used in garden ponds and water features to enhance the beauty of these environments. The water’s sounds, reflections and oscillations created by the fountain can greatly contribute to our enjoyment of water features. In addition to these aesthetic benefits, fountain pumps can also assist in the maintenance of pond ecosystems. Organisms such as fish require their water to contain high levels of oxygen in order to live healthily. Fountain pumps satisfy these requirements, even during the warmest weather, by circulating and aerating the water.

The fountains function by pumping in water and expelling it from the fountain head at higher pressure. Pumps are often supplied with various different fountain heads and nozzles, allowing you to select and experiment with different visual effects. The filters in the pump help to ensure that large pond debris are kept out and do not become part of the display. In cases where the water feature lies on an uneven land surface, pumps with adjustable extensions can be used to swivel the fountain head to a desirable angle.

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