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Garden & Pond Water Pumps, Filters and Aerators

Our garden and pond range includes fountains, filters, pumps, water cleaning sets and related components. The products have been specially selected to cater to the appearance and ecological needs of your water feature.

Water fountains are often used in ponds to enhance their beauty. Fountains bring out the water’s sounds, reflections and oscillations, which can greatly contribute to our enjoyment of water. In addition to these aesthetic benefits, fountains can also assist in the maintenance of pond ecosystems. Organisms such as fish require their water to contain high levels of oxygen in order to live healthily. Fountain pumps satisfy these requirements, even during the warmest weather, by circulating and aerating the water.

There are various different types of products used to maintain the cleanliness of ponds by removing unwanted particles from the water. For instance, filters are used to break down fish faeces, excess food and other organic materials suspended in the water. These materials and their toxins get broken down by helpful bacteria which live inside the filter. Filters are useful for maintaining the pond’s appearance and a stable nitrogen cycle, helping to ensure that the fish and plants can thrive. The filter needs to be accompanied by a pump, which allows the continuous circulation of water through the filter. The size of the filter and pump will depend on the size of your pond and its requirements.

Ultra Violet Clarifiers are another type of product for improving the appearance of ponds, by dealing with green water. The clarifier uses U.V. light to clump together microscopic algae into larger particles which can then be collected and processed by a biological filter. This removes the unsightly green appearance which is sometimes seen in pond water.

Pond skimmers are used to remove floating leaves, bubbles and dust from the pond’s surface. The skimmer uses suction to process the pond’s surface water and eliminate any floating debris before they have a chance to sink and degrade. As a result, the pond acquires a sleek appearance, making surface skimmers a popular product with Koi pond owners.

These products and their combination can noticeably improve the appearance of your water feature and the well-being of it’s wildlife.

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