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Vacuum Pumps

Becker rotary vane vacuum pumps anare long-lasting vacuum pumps with low maintenance and running costs.

Becker are using a VariAir technology which is significantly enhances the performance data of rotary vane vacuum pumps. It matches vacuum pump delivery exactly to customer requirements. Energy consumption is optimised and constant vacuum is guaranteed even where demand is subject to Variation or severe fluctuation. As no unnecessary suction air is generated, noise is kept to a minimum.
These vacuum pumps operate completely oil-free; the individual chambers are separated by long-life vanes. Pumps have integrated intake filters and control valves.

Small Becker VT 4.4 and VT 4.8  vacuum pumps can provide maximum flow rate 4.1m³/h and 8 m³/h at maximum vacuum 150mbar respectively.

Bigger Becker VT 4.10, VT 4.16, VT 4.25 and VT 4.40 can provide maximum flow rate 10m³/h,16 m³/h, 25 m³/h and 40 m³/h at maximum vacuum 150mbar respectively.

Becker Side Channel Vacuum Pumps are using "multi-stage" compression and generate low-pulsation suction air. Perfected impeller design with curved blades guarantees optimum efficiency. Separation of the compression chambers on both sides of the impeller permits single-stage, twin-flow as well as two-stage, single-flow operation with only one impeller. Vacuum filter and vacuum safety valve can be integrated as an optional extra in the patented design of the sound absorbers. The sound absorbers can be varied in length, affording flexible adjustment to available installation space.

BUSCH Seco rotary vane vacuum pumps compress totally oil-free with self-lubricating vanes made of special carbon. 
These vacuum generators are ideal for industrial processes in which a totally oil-free compression is required.

ATAC Accreditations

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