Borehole Pumps

We supply a range of submersible borehole pumps which can be used in dewatering applications, suitable for installation in wells and rain water collection systems. Our product range includes pumps from Wilo, Lowara and Pedrollo that will cover a wide variety of requirements. Please contact us if you are not sure what product is suitable for your application.

Borehole pumps can be used to extract water and other liquids from underground sources. While pump sizes may vary greatly depending on their purpose, each pump usually has a compact, cylindrical shape designed to fit inside a borehole. Boreholes can be created in a range of environments including soil, gravel or solid rock. In order to prevent the risk of corrosion from being submerged underground, borehole pumps are made from corrosion resistant stainless steel. The pumps are operated using an electric motor and the speed and pressure at which water is pumped can often be regulated. Some borehole pumps respond to dry external conditions by slowing down or automatically switching off when needed. One of the main advantages of these pumps is that they do not require a lot of surface equipment and can operate for many years without much need for attention.

A common application of borehole pumps is their use in wells. The pump extracts water from an underground source and allows it to be stored in a container for later use. Such well operations are often used in cities to pump well water into storage towers. Borehole wells are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to provide a clean source of water as an alternative to the costs of using a mains supply. The use of wells and borehole pumps has been recognised in many domestic, agricultural, commercial and industrial applications.