Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are the most common type of pump used for moving liquids through pipes. These pumps have numerous applications for water supply, irrigation and waste disposal systems. Our range of centrifugal pump models is designed to cater for specific ranges of flow and water pressure. It is therefore important to carefully select a pump with characteristics and operating conditions to satisfy your requirements. Our staff will be happy to advise you if needed.

Centrifugal pumps contain a rotating device, called an impeller, which whirls the fluid around until it gains momentum and exits the system at high pressure. Some centrifugal pumps contain two or more encased impellers, which are referred to as multiple stages. When liquid passes through these successive stages, it gains increasing pressure, which can be useful when liquids are pumped to large heights. Most centrifugal pumps need to be filled with liquid before they are started, these pumps are referred to as non-self priming. Non-self priming pumps are usually placed below the level of the liquid which is being pumped, to ensure that they are always filled with liquid and allowed to function properly. Centrifugal pumps should be tested regularly by a trained caretaker to ensure that the pump maintains its performance quality and efficiency. In terms of energy efficiency, larger centrifuge pumps are usually more efficient than smaller ones. However, smaller pumps can sometimes be a better option, depending on their intended duty.

According to historical sources, the first centrifugal pump machine was created in the 15th century and was used for lifting mud. Since then, the centrifuge pump market has grown to produce increasingly sophisticated and powerful machinery to meet the industrial and domestic needs of modern populations.

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  1. Wilo-MultiPress HMP

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  2. Wilo-MultiPress FMP

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  3. Wilo-MultiPress MP

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  4. 2C & 2CM - Cast Iron & Brass Pumps

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  5. Wilo-CronoBloc-BL

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  6. Wilo-BAC

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  7. Series BG- Single phase (110/1/50)

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  8. Series BG- Three phase (400/3/50)

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  9. Series BG- Single phase (230/1/50)

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  10. Series CO- Three phase 4 pole (400/3/50)

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  11. Series CO- Three phase (400/3/50)

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  12. Series COM- Single phase (230/1/50)

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