Circulation Pumps

Circulator pumps are used for the circulation of gases and liquids in a closed circuit. The fluid runs through the system in a loop, continually returning to the pump which maintains its pressure. These pumps have applications in domestic, commercial and industrial domains.

Some of the most common uses for a circulator pump can be found in the circulation of water as part of heating or cooling systems. In a water heating system, the pump is used to push hot water through pipes around the building, often using radiators to heat each room. The water then returns back to the pump which sends it through the boiler and the rest of the building again, always maintaining its pressure and temperature. Some circulator pumps can also cater to applications which require chemicals to be mixed regularly into the fluid, for instance in industrial processes or swimming pools. In swimming pools, the water is usually circulated for approximately an hour each day, exemplifying how circulator pumps can be adjusted to perform their function during set periods and time frequencies.The size and power of a circulator pump can vary depending on the application, taking into account the type of circulation fluid, its flow rate and operating conditions. The material composition of a circulation pump will also need to be considered when catering to a specific application and operating conditions. Pumps with aluminium or cast iron casing, containing bronze or stainless steel internal components, are usually suitable for systems that use water. However, in systems which use highly corrosive fluids or operate at high temperatures or pressures better performance can be ensured with pumps made from titanium, metal alloys, and chemically-resistant plastics.

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