Flood Kits

ATAC Solutions Flood Kit - Inclusive of a powerful ATAC pump with maximum flow rate of 267 l/min for quick emergency dewatering in case of flooded areas eg. basements, hose and box for ease of transportation.

DEHYDRO Flood Kit - Dehydro is an emergency pumping kit inclusive of a powerful pump, 2x packs of FloodSax Door and discharge hoses for defending a property. Three options available - DEHYDRO one, with a standard dewatering pump. DEHYRDO two comes with a Tsurumi Puddlesucker pump which can drop the water level down to 1mm. DEHYDRO three comes with a Honda engine driven pump and can pump water down to 3mm, ideal for use when mains power is unavailable. 

Lowara Flood Kit - The Lowara SOS Kit helps you in case of flooding: the pump can drain down to a minimal water level (3 mm with the optional shallow-suction device). The Lowara SOS Kit is complete: pump with pre-assembled float switch and hose with quick coupling already mounted, all inside the box.

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