UVC Clarifiers

Do you want to have clear and healthy water which can ensure undisturbed pond enjoyment? But what happens when suspended algae or other sources of turbidity turn the water green and thus lessen the enjoyment of the garden pond? Simply place the UVC pond clarifier in the water circuit; ideally upstream from the filter. The special light radiation in the interior of the clarifier kills off the algae and bacteria and germs are eliminated.

For the connection merely a power outlet is required. Pond type and water volume determine the capacity your UVC clarifier should have. And while professional technology is at work, pond owners do not really have much to do: The quick-release closure allows easy cleaning, the housing is extremely robust, and thanks to extensive accessories, installation is more than simple.

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  1. Oase Vitronic 55 W
    £194.99 £162.49
  2. Oase Vitronic 36 W
    £169.99 £141.66
  3. Oase Vitronic 18 W
    £109.99 £91.66
  4. Oase Vitronic 11 W
    £86.99 £72.49
  5. Oase Bitron 110 C
    £484.99 £404.16
  6. Oase Bitron 72 C
    £459.99 £383.32
  7. Oase Bitron C 55
    £424.99 £354.16
  8. Oase Bitron C 36 W
    £364.99 £304.16
  9. Oase Bitron C 24 W
    £304.99 £254.16
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9 Items

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