Submersible Pumps

Submersible Drainage Pumps for pumping wastewater, unsuitable for pumping solids. They can be used for domestic and site drainage, environmental and water treatment technology, industrial and process engineering. We also can offer submersible drainage pumps for pumping clear or slightly muddy water from tanks, sumps or pits. As well as for overflows and flooding, draining basement stairways and basement areas, from domestic areas (washing machine water, soapsuds), from small fountains, waterworks or streams. 

Submersible Sewage Pumps ranging from the small domestic and light commercial applications to larger submersible sewage pumps which are used to handle a larger concentration of solids. The larger pumps are generally used in municipal and industrial waste water applications and provide clog-free operation by macerating those solids that might clog other types of submersible pumps. 

Submersible Chemical & Seawater Pumps for industrial pumping of aggressive liquids such as sea water, salt water and chemicals, because of their cast construction they are extremely resilient during prolonged use in these liquids and many chemical solutions.


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  1. DIWA11 Submersible Pumps for Dirty Water

    Starting at £871.92 £726.60

  2. Lowara DOMO 7 Submersible Pumps

    Starting at £463.81 £386.51

  3. Lowara DOMO 10 Submersible Pumps

    Starting at £594.42 £495.35

  4. Lowara DOMO 15

    Starting at £677.01 £564.17

  5. DOC7 Submersible Drainage Pumps

    Starting at £324.36 £270.30

  6. Lowara Flood Kit/ DOC3 Sos Kit

    Starting at £41.98 £34.98

  7. DRENAG 1000-1200

    Starting at £488.87 £407.39

  8. Drenag 300-600

    Starting at £191.52 £159.60

  9. Novapond

    Starting at £134.09 £111.74

  10. Nova Salt W 200 M-A
    £123.48 £102.90
  11. Feka BVP

    Starting at £260.29 £216.91

  12. Verty Nova

    Starting at £120.00 £100.00

  13. Feka

    Starting at £223.03 £185.86

  14. Nova

    Starting at £103.53 £86.27

  15. DIVERTRON X 1200 M
    £396.48 £330.40
  16. DIVERTRON 1200 M
    £367.92 £306.60
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