Rotary Drum Filters

  • ATAC JC France rotary drum filters
  • High capacity low maintenance filtering from 26 µm to 800 µm
  • Different sizes available to suit your project requirements
  • Hire or Capital Purchase

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ATAC JC France Rotary Drum Filters

ATAC JC France rotary drum filters are used for filtering fluid that has a high concentration of suspended solids which would usually clog up other filtering equipment.
These drum filters are capable of high capacity, low maintenance filtering from 26 µm to 800 µm.

Hire or Capital Purchase

The JC France range of rotary drum filters are available for hire or capital purchase.
If your application is of a temporary nature it may be more suitable for you to hire drum filters. ATAC Solutions would remain responsible for ongoing servicing and maintenance, therefore, this is the most popular arrangement for these systems.
If your installation is permanent, you could consider purchasing rotary drum filters which would usually have the lowest outlay cost but you would be responsible for servicing and maintaining the units which, of course, has an additional cost associated with it.
If you would like to discuss the pros and cons of hire or capital purchase, complete the short form above and we will get back to you shortly.

All ATAC JC France rotary drum filters share the following features:

  • Suitible for applications in tertiary treatment STEP, industrial, fish farm and drinking water
  • Fully stainless steel 304L or 316L (optional)
  • Rotation speed: 3 turns / min
  • Recovery of wastes inside the filter
  • Tubular flange connection
  • No submerged driving part
  • Low maintenance
  • Changeable mesh panels

Variable specs across the range of ATAC JC France rotary drum filters

ATAC JC France Rotary Drum Filter Model

Rotary Drum Filter Model R25-2 R50-3 R50-6 R250-8
Cylinder Diameter (mm) 700 980 980 1300
No. Filtration Panels 2 3 6 8
Canvas Surface (m^2) 1.5 2.25 4.5 6
No. Flat Fan Nozzles* 10 10 20 28
*Referring to unclogging ramp mesh


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