Pump Service & Repair

  • Prolong equipment life span
  • Fully certified to the current CDM and confined space regulations
  • Fully trained and experienced personnel
  • Repair and refurbish pumps
  • Repair and refurbish pumping equipment
  • Fully trained and experienced personnel
  • Responsible disposal of tankered fluids
  • South-East including Kent, Essex, Sussex, London, Surrey and Hampshire

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Pump Servicing

All pumps benefit from regular servicing which can include checking oil level and consistency, inspecting and cleaning inlet filters, checking for oil and water leaks, inspecting belts and clutch, test fittings and tighten nuts/bolts/fasteners.

Where needed, oil seals, O-rings, packing assembly and oil may be replaced.

Why wait until your pump or related equipment breaks down? Prolong your equipment’s life span through regular servicing with ATAC Solutions.

Pump Broken Down?

Why buy a new pump or related equipment when you can get your old one working for a fraction of the cost and avoid sending your malfunctioning pump to landfill.

Our engineers can repair or refurbish your pump or related equipment on site, or in our dedicated workshop.


Our team of engineers consistently approach each task with professionalism and a problem solving mindset to help you make the most of your equipment.

CDM and Confined Space Certification

You can rest assured that we are fully certified to the Construction Design and Management regulations (CDM) and Confined Space regulations. This means you can expect all works to be well planned, carried out safely and communicated with you in a clear and timely fashion.