Reed-Bed Installation and Refurbishment

  • Horizontal reed-beds
  • Vertical reed beds
  • Forced reed bed aeration
  • Reduce BOD
  • Overhaul pipework
  • Replace lining

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What is a Reed Bed?

A reed bed is a manmade structure designed to harness the power of natural processes to break down organic material in final effluent. Bacteria, oxygenated through the reeds roots, grows on the gravel and sand, and feeds on the organic material, therefore, reducing it for discharge to a watercourse.

Reed Bed Design

ATAC Solutions can offer a full reed-bed design service so you can get the perfect solution for your wastewater needs, designed and installed by industry experts.

Reed Bed Refurbishment

If neglected, your reed bed may not give you the treatment you need, therefore, a complete overhaul may be required and ATAC Solutions are experts in this area. If needed, we can strip your reed bed back and completely refurbish it, including replacing pipework, installing new lining, replacing sand and gravel media, and planting new reeds.


By utilising our hire fleet we can provide filters and biological plants, or a combination of both, to ensure your site remains compliant the entire time we are working. This means you only have to deal with us and we can manage the entire project from conception to completion.

What Now?

If you would like to learn more about our reed bed installation and refurbishment service, contact us by completing the form at the top of this page or calling us on 01622 882 400.