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Lowara Booster Sets

An ever increasing demand on our water supply lines can sometimes lead to poor performance at the point of use due to low pressures, especially at peak demand periods.

In addition to this, water supply companies in some parts of the country are reducing pressures to avoid excessive water loss through leaks.

A Lowara professionally sized and installed booster set will provide a perfect solution to overcoming low water pressures around the home. Installing a Lowara booster set will ensure that water pressures for both hot and cold supplies will be able to cover the most demanding requirements.

Lowara can provide either fixed or variable speed booster sets depending on the application.

The Resfix (fixed speed) booster set will provide a cost sensitive solution whilst the Resvari (variable speed) booster set will give energy savings over the lifetime of the pump and provide a very stable pressure platform irrespective of the number of outlets being used simultaneously.

ATAC Accreditations

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