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Hybrid Submerged Aerated Filters


The HySAF treatment package was developed in cooperation with Hydrok. HySAF has the same purpose as SAF, but our collective expertise has ensured that the new treatment benefits from many improved features.

The first advantage is that the system does not clog up. HySAF uses CLEARTEC media. This consists of a rigid frame supporting textile sheets, creating a larger surface area inside the tank. This surface is used to house larger populations of microorganisms which treat pollution in the water quickly, preventing materials from building up and clogging the system.

HySAF saves costs in maintaining oxygen levels. Microorganisms inside the system must be provided with a constant supply of oxygen in order to be able to treat waste. AEROSTRIP diffusers inside HySAF are the most efficient fine bubble membrane diffusers in the market today and provide optimum oxygen levels at least cost.

HySAF uses control software linked to a highly efficient motor control centre. This ensures effective and accurate dissolved oxygen and air control, whilst maintaining the most efficient treatment. This results in an energy frugal system, helping HySAF to consume around a third less power compared to conventional SAF units.

HySAF benefits

  • No media clogging or sludge retention
  • Consumes around a third less power compared to conventional SAF units
  • Above or below ground installation
  • Simple in operation and robust in performance
  • No moving parts in main tank
  • Low maintenance
  • High performance Ultra low COD / BOD and total N removal option
  • Provided with a complete motor control package to reduce energy costs
  • Ease of maintenance — diffusers and media can be removed without draining the tank
Units for demonstration are available, just contact us with your requirements.

HySAF unit

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