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Air Compressors & Vacuum Pumps

Whether you are looking for an air blower for waste water treatment applications or a diaphragm pump for koi pond aeration, be sure we have the right product to suit your requirements.

Air pumps are devices which are used for pushing air. There are many different types of air pumps, each with its own domain of applications. Our range of air pumps are all automatic.

One of the most common domestic uses for automatic air pumps is the aeration of aquariums and ponds. Fish and other organisms which live in water require a regular supply of oxygen for healthy functioning. In artificial environments, air pumps fulfil this purpose by diffusing oxygen into the water and enabling the small ecosystem to flourish. Another important use of automatic air pumps can be found in the processing of waste water and sewage. Many treatment systems rely on the use of bacteria to digest and break down waste material during its processing.

The suspended bacteria require a constant supply of oxygen in order to carry out their job efficiently. Air pumps solve this issue by continuously infusing oxygen into the system and facilitating the bacterial breakdown of waste. One of the benefits achieved by this kind of aeration is the reduction of odours produced during sewage processing.

In addition to these applications, arguably the most significant use of air pumps can be found in air compressors. The air compressor consists of a pump which pushes air into some kind of canister, where this air builds up at high pressure and can be used for a number of different purposes. The pressurised air can be released on command in quick bursts, providing strong kinetic energy which can be used to run power tools. Other uses for the pressurised air include systems which transfer stored air into something else, such as a tyre. In cases such as this, the air pump automatically becomes activated when air pressure in the canister becomes low and needs to be filled with more compressed air.

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