Pump Stations

  • Removal of fluid from backed up pump stations
  • Responsible disposal of sewage
  • Fleet of modern tankers
  • Emergency pump station tankering
  • South-East including Kent, Essex, Sussex, London, Surrey and Hampshire

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Liquid Waste Removal

Pump station backing up? You're in luck as we can help by removing the fluid and any debris before finding a solution to the problem. Usually the cause is a malfunctioning pump which we would either refurbish or install a replacement.


In cases where access is an issue, due to restrictions such as weather conditions or obstacles, extra hose can be used to allow the Tankers to pump from an accessible spot sometimes hundreds of meters away.

Powerful Tankers

Our new fleet of tankers are incredibly powerful so we can handle very long hose runs and pump from deep chambers.
The issue of access is usually easily addressed by ATAC Solutions as we have a range of Tanker sizes so we can adapt to the restrictions of the pump station’s site.

Preventative Maintenance

The frequency with which you need to have your pump station emptied really depends on its design, degree of usage and application.
Floating waste in pumping stations is usually a prime cause of pump failure as it can get jammed in its workings.
Regularly Tankering your pump station can be the best means of guarding against this and should be seen as preventative maintenance.

Emergency Emptying

In cases where the pump in your pump station has already failed, liquid waste will rapidly back up.
In order for us to inspect the pump and replace or repair it, the waste will need to be removed using one of our tankers.
Repeated Tankering or a hire pump may be necessary in the interim.


Our tanker teams have all the latest vacuum and jetting equipment to empty, clean and service your pump station. Contact us to find out more.

Responsible Disposal of Sewage

As a fully licensed and accredited waste carrier we are committed to disposing all liquid waste at the appropriate designated disposal sites and always act in an environmentally responsible way. Also, we keep record of all disposals to ensure we are fully auditable.