Pump Service Contracts

  • Sewage treatment plant and pump stations
  • Fixed prices for length of contract
  • Prolong equipment lifespan through regular servicing
  • New fleet of vacuum tankers
  • Fully trained and experienced personnel
  • Receive special discounts as a contracted customer
  • South-East including Kent, Essex, Sussex, London, Surrey and Hampshire

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Sewage Treatment Plant and Pump Stations

If you have a sewage treatment plant or pump station a service contract could help you avoid potentially expensive call outs. Most people sign up to a service contract to take advantage of the overall savings avaliable. It is a straight forward process and provides piece of mind.

Prolong Equipment Lifespan Through Regular Servicing

The lifespan of your equipment can be greatly prolonged through regular servicing and with a service contract you can leave the planning to us. We will contact you when it is time for a service and organise a visit at a time that suites you.

Fix Your Price Now

A service contract offers you the opportunity to fix our prices for up to three years. This means contracted customers have the safety of knowing their service payments will remain steady for the entire length of their contract.