Grease Trap Cleaning

  • Commercial kitchens, catering companies and food processing plants
  • Remove buildup from grease interceptors
  • Free flowing drains after grease trap cleaning
  • Smell reduction
  • Drain blockage prevention
  • New tankers that excel at grease trap cleaning
  • Responsible and safe disposal of grease
  • Grease trap cleaning service available throughout South-East including Kent, Essex, Sussex, London, Surrey and Hampshire

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Remove Grease Buildup

Need to remove buildup in grease interceptors? We can help! Commercial kitchens, catering companies and food processing plants can all benefit from our grease trap cleaning service. We offer a highly flexible grease trap cleaning service and can adapt our approach to your needs.

Free Flowing Drains

After grease trap cleaning you will have free flowing drains once more and no smells.

Grease Trap Blockage Prevention & Smell Reduction

Why wait until your grease trap is blocked? Our grease trap cleaning service is perfect for the prevention of drain blockages.

Blocked grease traps/interceptors are a major cause of foul odours being emitted from drains as fluid gets stuck and stagnates. The quickest and most direct way of tackling this issue is to have your grease trap cleaned as this will allow the fluid to flow freely through the trap.


You will be impressed by our tanker teams. We have a range of modern tankers to take care of your grease traps, just give us a call.

Responsible & Safe Disposal of Grease

Without fail, all liquid waste collected while cleaning grease traps is disposed of at dedicated waste disposal sites in accordance with regulations and environmental responsibility. Every action we take is with the environment in mind so you can rest assured the grease removed from your trap will be disposed of in the most environmentally conscious way.