Septic Tank and Cesspit Emptying

  • Emergency number 24/7 365 day a year: 03333 111 030
  • Cesspit pumping, emptying & cleaning
  • Septic tank pumping, emptying & cleaning
  • Fleet of modern tankers
  • Zero VAT for domestic customers
  • Fully trained and experienced personnel
  • South-East including Kent, Essex, Sussex, London, Surrey and Hampshire

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Emergency Cover

In an emergency call 03333 111 030 24/7 365 day a year. We are always here when you need us!

Cesspit Emptying

A cesspit is a sealed tank having no outlet and used for the storage of sewage. It is important to monitor the cesspit and empty regularly as it does not treat or discharge the waste unlike a sewage treatment plant or pumping station.

Septic Tank Emptying

A Septic Tank is a settlement chamber, which provides treatment to sewage and drainage waters. Overflow from the tank goes to a soakaway or drainage field. Householders operating them are responsible for the operation, maintenance and occasional emptying of the chamber.

Septic Tank & Cesspit Emptying Costs

Domestic customers pay zero VAT.
If you would like a quotation please call 01622 882 400 or complete the contact form above.
ATAC Solutions have a fleet of specialist vacuum and combination tankers that will meet your requirments. We can arrange high pressure water jetting to clean your cesspit and see if everything is in working order.

New Fleet of Tankers

Your cesspit or septic tank will be emptied by one of a new fleet of vacuum tankers so you can expect a reliable and efficient service. With a range of tanker sizes available you can rest assured that accessibility should not be an issue.